Hairpin Winding

hairpin part up close

Solutions for R&D to High Volume Lines

Odawara offers multiple hairpin winding solutions to meet all customer needs from R&D scale machines through to high volume manufacturing lines. Complexity in the stator design can be managed through the utilization of different coil forming, alignment, and insertion processes.

Insulation paper is formed to U, S, or B shape per stator design and inserted to each slot. Hairpin coils are formed and enamel is removed mechanically or by laser. Coils are aligned per customer winding pattern and inserted simultaneously. Coils are twisted using Odawara’s proprietary technology, allowing for minimal end turn heights. Coil ends are welded per customer requirements using laser or TIG welding technologies.

Odawara offers fully automated and semi-automated systems. Modular technologies are used that allow for scalability and flexibility.

Additional capabilities can be included per customer requests including:

  • Laser part etching
  • In line part inspection
  • Electrical testing

Typical Ranges

Stator OD 160 – 300 mm
Stator ID 100 – 250 mm
Stator Height 35 – 200 mm
Number of Slots Any
Number of Layers 2 – 10
Wire Dimensions Up to 6.5 x 4.5 mm

These are typical product sizes. The capability of the machines to manufacture each stator depends on a number of factors including end turn dimensions, winding pattern, bus bar design, etc. Please contact an Odawara sales representative with your unique requirements.


Products Using a Hairpin Winding Machine

Automobiles EV Motor Drive/Generator, EV Motor Drive, ISG, Alternator

Typical Manufacturing Line Structure

Hairpin winding line structure core supply map

Core Supply

Core Supply
Insulation Paper

Insulation Paper Insertion

Insulation Paper in hairpin winding process
Coil Forming and placement in the hairpin winding process

Forming 1

Coil Forming and placement in the hairpin winding process

Coil Forming

Coil Forming for hairpin winding
Coil Forming and placement in the hairpin winding process

Coil Placement/Insertion

Hairpin Winding Coil Placement
Coil Forming and placement in the hairpin winding process

Forming 4

hairpin winding Coil Twist

Coil Twist

Coil Twist
Coil Weld used in hairpin winding

Coil Weld

Coil Weld
Coil Weld used in hairpin winding

Coil Weld 2

Divider for hairpin winding


Bus Bar for Hairpin Winding

Bus Bar Weld

Bus Bar Weld utilized for hairpin winding
Hairpin Winding Block


Automation Machines

Automation and Material Handling

Increase efficiency even further with automation and material handling solutions by Odawara Automation. Our services include:

  • Material Handling
  • Dunnage Load/Unload
  • Automated Machine Load/Unload
  • Robotic Systems
  • Test Equipment
  • Part Transfer Systems: Conveyors and Transfer Pallets
  • Vision/Inspection Systems
  • Quality System Integration: Manufacturing Operating Systems (MOS) and Manufacturing Engineering Systems (MES)

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