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A Single-Source Solution for Electric Motor Winding Systems


Gain cost savings, faster lead times and streamlined communication with a single-source vendor. At Odawara Automation, we can manage the entire project from concept and engineering to building and implementation. With more than five decades of expertise in the automation industry, Odawara’s driving principles have always been quality, safety, functionality and cost-effectiveness. We are your single-source solution.

Machine Design and Engineering

The electric motor market is constantly changing. At Odawara Automation, we have 50+ years of experience in machine design and build. We use cutting-edge technology to create solutions to help you efficiently manufacture products. Our team of engineers works with your team to ensure the machines we design meet all required specifications and seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing process.

Design for Manufacturing

Odawara is known for its superior Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services. We can evaluate designs of established manufacturing practices or help develop new processes to lower costs and create a better end product. There are many new groundbreaking motor designs being developed, but many of them cannot be mass produced.

Fabrication and Assembly

Odawara provides full-service machining, fabrication and assembly services of equipment. Odawara has extensive in-house capabilities and a team of dedicated vendors to meet all of your machine build and spare part needs.

Additional Machinery Design and Build

Odawara offers more than just motor winding equipment. We can build a wide array of assembly, inspection and material handling equipment for many different industries. We can tackle a variety of manufacturing issues, whether it’s automation you seek or other improvements to a standalone piece of equipment or entire production line.

Install, On-Site Service and Training

Odawara technicians are available for machine installation, periodic machine maintenance checks and on-site training.

Spare Parts

Odawara provides spare parts for all of our equipment. All machines are sold with detailed spare parts lists, but our team of service representatives can also help customers identify the specific parts they need.

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