Additional Machinery for Manufacturing

Additional Machinery

Faster, Leaner & More Efficient

At Odawara Automation, we can design and build standalone machinery and/or complete lines for your manufacturing process. Our solutions are available to all manufacturers, no matter whether you have a winding system in place or not. Each machine we build is designed with your specific process and goal at the core. Our expert team works with you from design to engineering to implementation.

  • Upgrade poor-performing machines
  • Eliminate line inefficiencies
  • Increase throughput
  • Overcome labor challenges with automation
  • Gain financial savings with a capital investment that has high ROI

Additional Machinery Includes:

Laser Markers

Integrated part marking machines for part traceability.

Inspection Machines

High precision gauging and inspection machines to check critical product characteristics during production for quality and process control.

Electrical Testing Machines/Systems

Inline electrical testing machines to validate product electrical quality. Odawara is able to integrate any commercially available test unit into production systems based on customer requirements.


Insulation material formed and cut to length per customer requirements with high repeatability while maintaining material quality. Available as a standalone machine or as part of a fully automated cell including insertion into armatures or stators.


Semi or fully automated commutator terminal fusers.

Commutator Lathes

High precision, semi or fully automated commutator lathes for high volume production.

Assembly Machines

  • Stacks
  • Shafts
  • Commutators
  • End Boards
    • Semi or fully automated assembly technologies for stator or rotor cores including lamination stack alignment, armature shaft insertion, commutator assembly and end board placement.

Termination Machines

  • Bus Bars
  • IDC Terminals
  • Crimp Terminals
    • Stator termination machines for precision locating and fixturing of bus bar or terminal components. Technology capable of processing IDC or crimp-style terminals.

Specialty Welders

  • Stack Welders
    • High flexibility lamination stack welding for stator or rotor cores. Technology capable of handling large ranges of lamination and stack dimensions. Laser or plasma welding utilized for stack welding per customer specifications.


  • Conductor Welders for Hairpins
    • Laser, plasma, or TIG welders for welding of hairpin stator conductors.

Tooling Storage

Customized tooling storage to organize and protect tooling. Tool tracking and mistake-proofing are available to safeguard machine operation.

Specialty Part Handling

  • Flip Station
  • Stator Carts
    • Specialized manual workstations and carts for part handling. Function focused on high precision and error-proofing for safety and quality production.

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