Insertion Winding

Insertion Winding

Heavy Duty Insertion Winding Machines

The ZET and SCW winding machines are high-speed, stator coil winders for two- and four-pole induction motor winding. The machines are capable of winding multiple wires in hand with special features for wire grippers and dereeler depending on wire size. Combining winding and coil/wedge insertion is an option in many machine configurations. Coil insertion and winding is driven by an AC servo motor and ball screws for a smooth operation.


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Typical Ranges

Stator ID: 110 – 150mm
Stator OD: 175 – 230mm
Wire In Hands: 10 – 20, (depending on # of layers on winding former, # of turns, and wire diameter)
Lead Length 300 – 600mm
Main Axis Number of Rotation Stock Winding – 400 rpm Winding – 300 – 600 rpm
Wire Dia 0.5 – 1.2mm

These are typical product sizes. The capability of the machines to manufacture each stator depends on a number of factors including end turn dimensions, winding pattern, bus bar design, etc. Please contact an Odawara sales representative with your unique requirements.

Insertion Winding

Products Using an Insertion Winding Machine

Automobiles EV/HEV drive & generator, EPS, air conditioner, etc.
Household Electrical Appliances Air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, various fans, etc.
Industry, Medical Equipment Machine tool, robot, generator, forklift, construction machine, etc.

Typical Insertion Line Structure


KAW Lamination Welder

Lamination Welder


CEL Slot Cell Inserter

Slot Cell Inserter

SCW, ZET Series & REO

SCW, ZET Series & REO

Coiling Winding and Coil + Wedge Insertion



FOM Coil Forming

Coil Forming (Drifting)


SCW ZET Series & REO 2

Hairpin Winding Lead Wires

After SWC 2

Lead Wire for hairpin winding

Lead Wire

Lead Wire Processing


EFM used in hairpin winding


EFM Coil Forming

Coil Forming (for all phases)



LAC Lacing


EFM used in hairpin winding


EFM Coil Forming Final

EFM Coil Forming (final)

Hairpin Winding Stator

Stator Elec. Tester

Stator Electric Tester
Automation Machines

Automation and Material Handling

Increase efficiency even further with automation and material handling solutions by Odawara Automation. Our services include:

  • Material Handling
  • Dunnage Load/Unload
  • Automated Machine Load/Unload
  • Robotic Systems
  • Test Equipment
  • Part Transfer Systems: Conveyors and Transfer Pallets
  • Vision/Inspection Systems
  • Quality System Integration: Manufacturing Operating Systems (MOS) and Manufacturing Engineering Systems (MES)

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