Product Examples

Automobiles HEV drive & generator, Radiator cooling fan, ABS/EESC, EPS, Various pump, etc.
Household Electrical Appliances Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Vacuum cleaner, Washing machine, Juicer, Mixer, etc.
Industry, Medical Equpiment Power tool, Generator, MRI, Various pump, etc.
Industry, Medical Equipment AO/AV Equipment Printer, Copy, FAX, HDD, DVD/ECD, etc.

The needle winding machines (SPW & IOW series) are high-speed stator winders. SPW uses fixed or oscillating needles and vertical spindle that provides various runoffs from square track to elliptical, allowing for higher fills and improved winding. The IOW series can be configured for: multi-needle – open core/flat winding; dual head dual needle – coil winding outer, inner, or segment: single head – coil winding outer or inner.

It’s what you expect from a company who has earned a solid reputation for quality, technology, and after-sales service in the motor industry.

Typical Ranges  
Wire AWG: 17 – 27
Stack  Height: 10 – 100mm
Number of Slots: Any
Core: OD 60 – 300mm
ID 20 – 200mm
Number of Axis: 3 – 4




 Typical Stator BLCD Line Structure

Needle Winding April 20, 2017