Product Examples

Automobiles Windshield wiper, Power window, Blower, Radiator cooling fan, EPS, ABS/ ESC, etc.
Household Electrical Appliances Vacuum cleaner, Washing machine, Juicer, Mixer, Shaver, Dryer, etc.
Industry, Medical Equpiment Power tool, Robot, Pump, etc.
OA/AV Equipment Printer, Copy, FAX, HDD, DVD/CD, etc.

The DAW is Odawara’s most advanced armature winder. Designed for universal two-pole armatures. Features include: Tooling Flexibility; fast, efficient, accurate winding; Improved wire termination. Plus user-friendly programming, Easy set-up and adjustment (tool-less changeover), Odawara’s exclusive Collet Closure System it moves the outer collet sleeve for better grip.

It’s what you expect from a company who has earned a solid reputation for quality, technology, and after-sales service in the motor industry.

Typical Ranges  
Wire AWG: 17 – 35
Maximum Stack Length:  100 mm
Maximum Stack Dia.: 70 mm
Maximum Commutator Dia.: 35 mm
Maximum Flyer Speed
(1:1 pulley ratio):
3000 rpm







Typical Armature Line Structure

Flyer Winding April 20, 2017