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Odawara's armature cell insulating machines form, cut and insert insulation material into the slots of an armature to your exact specifications.

This cam-controlled machine is an industry standard because of its fast cycle speeds and ability to run with minimum attention for years and years.  OA custom-engineers your insulating machine for optimal performance while incorporating quick-change tooling, modular roll cassette designs, and self-monitoring features such as out-of-paper sensors,  jam sensors, production counters and paper movement detectors.  

Odawara Cell Machines are built simple to run longer
Wedge inserters that perform to your specifications

This machine forms, cuts and inserts a wedge of insulation material across the top of wire coils in the lamination slots of an armature. 

This machine shares the cell insulator's cam control mechanism, making it another industry leader in speed, reliability, and longevity.  To make it easier to produce multiple armature assemblies with the same machine, OA designs your armature wedge inserter with modular tooling components and forming roll cassettes.  Out-of-paper detectors,  jam sensors, production counters, and paper motion sensors are also available to keep production efficient , day in and day out.

Fast cycle times and quick changeovers are critical to you – and your bottom line.  

OA 's armature winders come through for you… dual flyer, high performance brushless servomotors in conjunction with a high speed machine controller allows these machines to wind armatures faster than ever.  Intuitive software with a touch screen interface enables fast part selection and instant recall of previous set ups.  OA's  quick release chucks, collets, and winding shields require no tools for change over.

Ultra fast armature winders that are easy to operate
AC and DC commutator fusers to fit every application

To meet the full range of your production requirements, OA offers both AC and DC commutator fusers.  AC commutator fusers are ideal for fusing applications that allow greater fusing tolerances or demand extremely fast cycle times.   DC commutator fusers offer more precise fuse control and the most efficient use of energy during the fastest cycle times.  OA commutator fusers feature stepper motor indexing to position the part precisely for fusing every tang and automatic load/position mechanisms that ensure repeatable processing standards.  OA’s patented SmartSense system monitors critical elements of the fusing process in real time, enabling you to respond on a micro-processing  level  - for ultimate control.

Odawara’s precision, servo motor controlled Commutator Lathe finishes the face of your commutators to a precise diameter, while maintaining a tight bar-bar and TIR measure.   The servo controlled tool feed ensures you a micro finish that is constant throughout the production run. 

Commutator turning lathes add precision to your commutator diameters
Stator welders make the core component of your stator assemblies

OA stator stack welders join a lamination stack together to create the core component of your stator assembly.  OA offers stator welders as stand-alone machines with manual load/unload features… or as an integrated component of a fully-automated, multiple-station assembly machine.  Along with modular tooling for fast production changeovers, OA stator welders incorporate multiple stringers of laminations mounted on a rotating carousel to provide a constant supply of laminations -- even while reloading.  You can customize your OA stator welder to feature 2 or 4 TIG or plasma welding torches.

OA stator cell insulators form, cut to length and notch (if required) precise segments of insulation material and insert them into the cells of the stators. OA stator insulating machines can be designed to run as a manual load/unload machine or as a fully automatic one.  Custom-designed gauge blocks provide for easier changeovers, along with  paper-length pre-sets that help you quickly set up for stators of different stack heights. Multiple pin-set positions for selecting the right punch position for your parts and “out of paper” sensors all contribute to keeping your machine in production.

Form, cut and insert stator cell insulation with precision
Stator winders for all applications are available

OA provides a wide range of direct needle and flyer machines for a wide range of stators. The Model HAW is designed to accommodate universal two-pole stators.  The SPW model accommodates multiple pole inside wound stators similar to stepper type motors.  The FIW model winds small outside slotted stators while the IOW  winds either outside or inside slotted stators.

Inside or outside wind or direct needle, Odawara definitely has a winder that can meet your part's specifications.  

OA terminal fusers trap and weld the magnet wire leads to stator terminals in the configurations you specify.  Not sure whether you want to use AC or DC fuse controllers to get the best fuse possible for your parts?  We can help you weigh the pluses and minuses of each.  With OA terminal fusing machines, you can modify the fuse control parameters from the operator touch screen to get smooth-running production with easy changeovers. Quick-change release mechanisms, unique-fit electrodes, and run-time diagnostics all help you maximize parts production with minimal downtime.

Terminal Fusers trap and fuse the lead wires to the terminals

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