Odawara designs and builds equipment for automated assembly and motor winding
Automated assembly

Save time, reduce costs, boost production and improve the overall quality of your products…by automating some or all of your production and assembly processes. OA has experience with an endless range of  automated assembly applications, each customized to achieve a unique manufacturing operation. Our engineers study your products and processes, then work with you to select the components and control packages that will best fit your production requirements.

Automated assembly equipment designed by Odawara
Conveyors and transports for every application
Conveyors and part tranfers

Transporting parts effectively from machine to machine along a production line is a critical element in producing your products.  OA works with a wide range of transport solutions, including gravity tracks, incremental chain conveyors, power and free pallet systems, and pick-n-place transfer devices that keep your parts properly oriented and positioned throughout the production process.  OA engineers know how to keep your production line moving… and that’s good news for your bottom line.


Can robots be implemented in your future assembly operations?  If you need to perform a large number of repetitions of the same task at a high speed, or in a precise, repeatable pattern – or require sophisticated assembly solutions – robots can be the answer.  OA can help you integrate robotics into your production.  OA offers robotic assembly solutions, customized to speed up production, minimize scrap and reduce labor costs.


Robots can perform many assembly functions

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