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Consider buying a used machine if cost is a prohibitive factor in your plans to buy new equipment.  

Odawara has acquired a variety of used production equipment, some built by us and some built by other manufacturers.   Production machinery is built to withstand the rigorous demands of a manufacturing environment and to last a long time.  The original structures of our used equipment are still rock-solid.  

A little clean up, a little paint and swap out the safety devices and controls with the most technically advanced components available.... and what you get is a durable, dependable machine that is ready to run production for many more years!

The industry experience and engineering knowledge of Odawara 's personnel is invaluable in the process of refurbishing used equipment.  We have developed  intuition about what components last longest, what upgrades are necessary to maintain a competitive edge over newer equipment and which products integrate most seamlessly with existing systems.  

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